The Gratitude Week Project

A FREE experience to help us take our gratitude practice to new heights.

A 7-day self-paced program created to help us notice things big and small and to cultivate more positivity. Super simple and easy daily strategies to help you take your gratitude practice to higher levels.

“Gratitude is important not only because it makes us feel good but because it inspires us to do good.” – Robert Emmons

On a personal level, gratitude helps us develop empathy, forgiveness, and willingness to help others. It helps us feel more loving, caring, joyful, helpful, outgoing, optimistic, enthusiastic, and more trustworthy.

On a bigger scale, gratitude helps us look outside our personal world and understand that we are part of a larger network of connections. It strengthens our relationships as it makes us more collaborative, motivated, productive, and satisfied, improving our social and professional lives.

Choose gratitude and happiness

Our minds have a natural tendency to perceive most information as negative. That means, our natural response to people around us, events or what we usually pay attention to goes first to what’s wrong rather than what’s right. That’s called “the negative bias” and it can have a powerful effect on our behavior, our decisions, our relationships, and eventually, the results we achieve in life.

Negative events have a greater impact on our brains than positive ones: criticisms often have a greater impact than compliments; bad news usually calls more attention than good ones. We think more about negative things than positive ones. That’s because of a long-time practice of survival – thanks, caveman! 

So, if we can practice negative thinking, we can also practice positive thinking! And science has now shown us that a gratitude practice leads to positive thinking, yielding strong long-lasting positive effects. By directing our attention, intention, thoughts, and emotions toward gratitude, we can transform our lives. For good!

Welcome to The Gratitude Week Project, a FREE experience

The Gratitude Week Project is a week that we intentionally dedicate to fostering an attitude of gratitude and positivity by pushing us to look for the good in and around us, big or small, and express thankfulness for all of it.

Simple, easy to follow daily prompts and breathing techniques will help us cultivate a deeper state of mindfulness where we become more present and start paying attention to the world around us. We learn to appreciate the simple things and recognize the positive aspects of even the most difficult and challenging situations.

Developing a Grateful Disposition

It is true that some people are more naturally grateful than others. However, gratitude disposition is not necessarily something you are born with, it is something we can develop.

Having a grateful moment, however, is different than developing a long-term grateful disposition. And that’s our goal here: to develop a grateful disposition.

We want to be able to notice what’s happening around us, enjoy the little things, see the role that others play in our lives, and express our gratitude to others with words and good deeds on a regular basis.

This program will help us develop the skills of noticing, appreciating and communicating our gratitude, and turn it into an automatic behavior.

What’s Inside the Gratitude Week Project

daily prompts (7 total) to remind us of the gifts, grace, benefits, and good things in our lives

a breathing technique repeated daily to help us achieve mindfulness, improve our health and reduce stress and anxiety

inspirational quotes to motivate us to continue our practice

Why would you join this program?

Because you could use more positivity in your life.

OR because you have been trying to develop an attitude of gratitude and haven’t been successful sticking to it.

OR because you already practice gratitude and would like to learn something new and keep on practicing.

OR because you know how amazing this experience is and want to share the same energy.

OR because why not? It’s all good! And FREE!

This is the program for you!

Download The Gratitude Week Workbook.

Find inspirations, journal prompts, and much more.

Results you can expect from a gratitude pratice

Gratitude has one of the strongest links to mental and physical health, happiness and satisfaction with life. Several research studies have shown that:

  • People are 25% happier if they keep a gratitude journal.
  • Hypertensives have achieved 10% reduction in systolic blood pressure.
  • Increased feelings of energy, alertness, enthusiasm and vigor.
  • It makes you more resilient in the face of adversities and helps you cope better with everyday stress.
  • 40% improvement in sleep patterns.
  • It makes you feel more optimistic, enthusiastic, and happy in general, and happiness is contagious!
  • It increases sales by 50%!
  • It lower levels of cellular inflammation, increasing overall health.
  • Gratitude helps you feel more connected to others, improving your relationships.
  • It makes you a better person, a better friend, a better professional.

Hi, I’m Miriam,

I’m a leadership and personal development coach, helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and educators boost their communication skills, improve their relationships and reach their full potential.

For the past few years, I’ve incorporated the daily practice of gratitude into my coaching practice and have witnessed, first hand, the incredible results it has rewarded my clients.

From a better emotional response to overcoming anxiety attacks; from reducing stress to building self-awareness and confidence; from sleeping better at night to becoming better problem-solvers, just to name a few.

My clients will confirm, what research has now proven:  that gratitude is a key component to help people live a healthier, happier, and more successful life. 

And now I am sharing this experience with you, and it’s FREE!

What people are saying about their experience with The Gratitude Week Project

Photo creds by Ana Juma

“Keeping the gratitude journal, even one as brief as the 5-minute journal is pretty helpful when it comes to reflection. I am beginning to pay more attention to what triggers negative emotions in me and using my breathing exercises when I start to go negative. This helps to stabilize me. I am also finding that I come up with several very good solutions to issues that arise daily.”

Maggie, Educator

“I find myself witnessing the effect in my own body as I feel confronted in different conversations, I feel the discomfort rising from deep in my abdomen and just this awareness is buying me time to pause, reflect, regroup and remain in the conversation from a more balanced perspective. The 5-minute journal also adds a ton of value to my self-witnessing. Thank you.”

Jim, Corporate Re-organization Consultant

“This was the hardest year of my life. I feel a lot better and less lonely. You help me organize my time and energy by suggesting strategies to move forward(...) The gratitude journaling allowed me to gain clarity to navigate out of a difficult situation and into a new way of thinking about my priorities.”

Stephanie Han, writer and educator

“I could not see beyond the “fog of confusion” that was my life. The journal and breathing techniques help me build stability within myself, lower my stress, find ease and answers within myself. I now carry the practice of gratitude journaling with me wherever I go. I feel happier and more confident. Thank you!”

non-profit business consultant

“I am now able to stop and notice what’s happening around me, so I guess I would say awareness of my environment and myself has been the most impactful with the gratitude practice. I am able to think before responding. I don’t panic anymore. I can see solutions.”

Lyn, Educator

"I followed because I could definitely use positivity in my life. I really want to see the bright side of things. I noticed it did help me. Writing a letter of thanks really helps. I love the tips and extras on your social media. It really felt good to thank people and I have continued to tell my associates and assistants that I appreciate them. It does make both me and them feel good."

Lisa, Producer

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