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We know that gratitude and appreciation make the giver and the receiver feel good in the moment. And now science has proven that a regular gratitude practice can rewire our brain and help us achieve a healthier, happier and more satisfying and successful life.  For good!

Gratitude cultivates happiness, and happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and more productive.

Even a simple gratitude writing practice builds lasting neural sensitivity to more positive thinking. That means the more you practice gratitude, the more you default to positivity instead of negativity.

Cultivating the practice is free and it does not take much of your time. 

Stick with me and I will show you how. 

Hi, I’m Miriam,

For the past few years, I’ve incorporated the daily practice of gratitude into my coaching practice and have witnessed, first hand, the incredible results it has rewarded my clients.

From a better emotional response to overcoming anxiety attacks; from reducing stress to building self-awareness and confidence; from sleeping better at night to becoming better problem-solvers, just to name a few.

My clients will confirm, what research has now proven:  that gratitude is a key component to help people live a healthier, happier, and more successful life.

Jumpstart your practice with The Gratitude Week Kickstart Workbook.

Find inspirations, journal prompts, and much more.

The Gratitude Advantage

“Your brain at positive performs significantly better (31% better) than it does at negative, neutral or stressed. Your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, and your energy levels rise.” Shawn Achor, PhD.

Gratitude is more than just a feeling, it’s a virtue and a disposition because it takes us outside of our world to see that we are part of a larger network of relationships that depend on one another.

Gratitude is a state of mind that gives rise to the sharing of positivity and positive actions. Positive thinking leads to optimism, good health, good leadership, good relationships and, ultimately, success.

Some people seem naturally happier than others. That’s because each individual is born with a “happiness baseline” or setpoint, which is the level of happiness that we are predisposed to and that we go back to after either high or low emotional peaks.

Due to the plasticity of our wonderful brain, we can raise our happiness baseline by through gratitude attitude.

That is the gratitude advantage. And now you can have access to it too.


What you can expect from this program

Because gratitude is a virtue, it requires mental discipline, a regular daily practice to help us cultivate a grateful disposition.

This is a 3-month long program with prompts, breathing techniques, meditations, videos, live workshops and a lot more to help us cultivate, grow and maintain our gratitude practice while rewiring our brain for a life of health, happiness and success. Several ways to access the content will ensure the success of your practice.

These are the same strategies I use with my clients and see consistent success, so I know they work!

Every Sunday you can expect directly in your inbox an email with prompts, assignments, and links to support your practice throughout the week. You can also access all of the content on our membership site.

New content will be added weekly to the site. When you join you will be able to access past and current content. This amazing on-demand program will forever change your life! Log in every day or whenever it’s most convenient for you, the content will always be there.

See What’s Inside the Gratitude Advantage

prompts to help us create the habit of looking for the positive, daily

breathing techniques to help us achieve mindfulness, improve our health and reduce stress and anxiety

mantras and meditations to deactivate self-judgment, quiet internal thoughts and calm the mind

I’ll be live answering your questions, doing live coaching, and sharing new techniques and strategies regularly

inspirational quotes and stories to motivate us to continue our practice

monthly calendar will prompt us to cultivate the habit and strengthen our practice

 Choose the program that suits you best

The Gratitude Advantage

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 3 months of weekly emails directly in your inbox – 15% discount if paid in full


  • weekly lessons and assignments
  • prompts, breathing techniques
  • recorded meditations
  • live calls and workshops
  • full access to our content vault
  • accountability and support
  • access to our community

The Gratitude Month Project


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1 month of carefully guided gratitude practice


  • weekly lessons and assignments
  • prompts, breathing techniques
  • recorded meditations
  • recorded lessons
  • full access to our content vault
  • accountability and support


 The Gratitude Week Project

Online Course



Get a taste of what you can learn with me in this self-paced online course:


  • 5 modules
  • lessons and assignments
  • kick-start your gratitude practice
  • prompts, breathing techniques
  • workbook

“No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledges this help with gratitude.”

– Alfred North Whitehead

Level Up – Custom Packages

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payment options available

  • 3-month subscription of THE GRATITUDE ADVANTAGE (a $291 value)
  • 1:1 coaching sessions ($300/hr)

Custom-tailored to your needs on the following subjects:

Personal Development Skills

Enneagram Personality Typing Decoding

Mindset Work

Emotional Intelligence Skills

Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution Skills

  • copy of the book The Art of Being Here and Now (a $13.50 value)

Let’s chat and see how I can help you achieve your full potential and reach your goals.

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“Keeping the gratitude journal, even one as brief as the 5-minute journal is pretty helpful when it comes to reflection.

I am beginning to pay more attention to what triggers negative emotion in me and using my breathing exercises when I start to go negative. This helps to stabilize me.

I am also finding that I come up with several very good solutions to issues that arise daily.”

Maggie, Educator

“I find myself witnessing the effect in my own body as I feel confronted in different conversations, I feel the discomfort rising from deep in my abdomen and just this awareness is buying me time to pause, reflect, regroup and remain in the conversation from a more balanced perspective. The 5-minute journal also adds a ton of value to my self-witnessing. Thank you.”

Jim, Corporate Re-organization Consultant

“This was the hardest year of my life. I feel a lot better and less lonely. You help me organize my time and energy by suggesting strategies to move forward(...) The gratitude journaling allowed me to gain clarity to navigate out of a difficult situation and into a new way of thinking about my priorities.”

Stephanie Han, writer and educator, Hawaii

“I could not see beyond the “fog of confusion” that was my life. The journal and breathing techniques help me build stability within myself, lower my stress, find ease and answers within myself. I now carry the practice of gratitude journaling with me wherever I go. I feel happier and more confident. Thank you!”

non-profit business consultant, California

“I am now able to stop and notice what’s happening around me, so I guess I would say awareness of my environment and myself has been the most impactful with the gratitude practice. I am able to think before responding. I don’t panic anymore. I can see solutions.”

Lyn, Educator, California

"I followed because I could definitely use positivity in my life. I really want to see the bright side of things. I noticed it did help me. Writing a letter of thanks really helps. I love the tips and extras on your social media. It really felt good to thank people and I have continued to tell my associates and assistants that I appreciate them. It does make both me and them feel good."

Lisa, Producer, LA, California

“I have found the teachings and breathing practices to be invaluable. I realized that I was not holding my breaths long enough, my breathing was really shallow. Wow, what a difference that makes. Also, putting my hand on my heart helped me visualize a certain spirituality and calmness. You are a true gem, we are lucky to have you in our community.”

Christina B., Educator, California

“I needed more positivity in my life and I found exactly that with your training. Learning to observe the little things and my breath was very surprising to me.” 

David B., Entrepreneur, California 

Don’t wait, sign up now and change your life forever!